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Beijing Research Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Technology (BRIMET), founded in 1956, is a branch of China Academy of Machinery Science and Technology (CAM), a large Technology Group administrated directly by SASAC. BRIMET is a leading research institution in China which engages in R&D and technology transfer in the fields of forging & stamping, heat treatment and die & mold, and is also one of the national High-tech enterprises, key High-tech enterprises of the State Torch Plan, patent demonstration units in Beijing, and open laboratories of Zhongguancun Science Park.

Some national and industrial technology innovation platforms, such as “National Engineering Research Center for Net Shape Manufacturing”, “Beijing Engineering Research Center for Clean Heat Treatment”, “Machinery Industrial Engineering Laboratory for Near-net-shape Plastic Forming, “Machinery Industry Engineering Technology Research Center of Die and Mold for Auto Parts” are set up in BRIMET. BRIMET is also the technology centralized institution in China for forging & stamping, heat treatment, and die & mold. The Secretariats of China Society for Technology of Plasticity, National Forging and Stamping Standardization Technology Committee, Chinese Heat Treatment Society, National Heat Treatment Standardization Technology Committee, China Heat Treatment Association, China Die and Mold Industry Association are affiliated in the Institute.. Four scientific periodicals, “Forging and Stamping Technology”, “Journals of Plasticity Engineering”, “Heat Treatment of Metals” and “Transactions of Materials and Heat Treatment” are edited and published by BRIMET. Two co-shared websites, "Forging Technology Database" and "Heat Treatment Technology Database" are run by BRIMET, and a cloud service system, "Die and Mold Industry Information Technology" is in construction.. BRIMET also has the postgraduate training qualifications for master of engineering and two PhD subjects.

BRIMET has a first class R&D team for technology, equipment, automation and system integration in the field of forging & stamping, heat treatment, die & mold,. There are more than 300 staffs in BRIMET, including 1 academician, 3 national experts with outstanding contributions, 13 experts with government special allowance, and 90 professors and senior engineers. Many experts serve as the leaders of national organizations in forging & stamping, heat treatment, and die & mold industries.

BRIMET has undertaken massive projects in national R&D programs on basic research, applied research, packaged technology, and also undertaken 80% tasks of technological transformation of domestic forging enterprises. Our technical services mainly concern precision forming and mechanical property modification for industries of machinery, automotive, aerospace, energy and metallurgy. BRIMET has obtained more than 150 scientific payoffs of national, provincial and ministerial levels, owned more than 120 invention and utility model patents, and made important contributions to technology progress and industrialization in precision plastic forming and heat treatment fields.


Beijing Research Institute Of Mechanical & Electrical Technology

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