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Energy saving and high precision induction heat treatment line debugging successLaunched:2016-06-17

BRIMET offer an "energy-saving high-precision induction heat treatment line" for a listed auto parts company.

   From expected heating, quenching, tempering, cooling bed to peeling, This production line all done automatically, This production line is 75 meters long, output of 3 tons/hour, integrated power cost is only 420 degrees/ton (only when the induction heating is 400 degrees/ton), high automation degree, large output, high efficiency.

   In the project development process, BRIMET organized technical expert dedicated to equipment of mechanical structure, Induction heating, automatic control, quenching and cooling bed of automation parts, such as repeated discussion and design optimization, with the new structure of modern design, from the high efficiency and energy saving of induction heating etc, the design of each part carefully to all system research and development, not only did the structure design and manufacture the contents of the comprehensive promotion, greatly improves the product quality, reduce the energy consumption, get the praise of users.

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