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MP Series Hot Forging Mechanical Presses


Hot forging presses are mainly used for the following parts :

Disk-class forgings, such as gears, flanges,hub, etc;

Fork-class parts , such as steering knuckle;

Long-axis-class parts, such as car front beam, crankshaft, connecting rod and so on.

Main features

1.High efficiency;

2.The die is long-life because the die-stress-last-cycle is short;

3.Suitable for forging and extruding parts because of high inertia of flywheel and high output power;

4.Solve the problem of stuck effectively with straight-side assembled frame and hydraulic nut;

5.Good stiffness so the forgings is high accuracy;

6.Smaller thermal sensitivity with X shape slider guide rail;

7.Using two point rod and longer guide make it possible for multi-station operation and making automated production line by walk-    beam and other equipment conveniently.

8.Powerful slide-ejector and bed-ejector and flexible configurable mandril;

9.Use technics such as lubrication monitoring, tonnage monitoring, axis temperature monitoring, fault display,

Technical parameters

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