The Chairman’s Remark

With the fast-paced construction in China, China Academy of Machinery Beijing Research Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. has experienced over 60 ups and downs, achieved numerous national accomplishments, fostered a strong spirit of science and technology, and assembled a pragmatic, trustworthy team with a relentless drive for excellence!

BRIMET is also the technology centralized institution in China for forging & stamping, heat treatment, and die & mold. The secretariats of relevant industry societies, associations, and standard committees are all located within our institution. We have established numerous national research and development centers, such as the "National Engineering Research Center for Precision Forming", the "Fine Blanking Technology Development Service Center", and the "Beijing Clean Heat Treatment Engineering Technology Research Center" built by the United Nations.

Since its inception at the beginning of the motherland's liberation, BRIMET has grown alongside socialist construction and flourished during the reform and opening up era. Our company has long engaged in research and development work for process technology and equipment related to forging, heat treatment, mold, and more, with results widely applied across automobile, machinery, metallurgy, aerospace, energy, transportation, and other industries.

BRIMET adheres to the business philosophy of creating value for users and seeking common development with customers. We are committed to safe, efficient, intelligent, and green manufacturing, leading the technological progress and transformation and upgrading of China's forging and heat treatment industry. Our mission is to become the world's preeminent comprehensive technical service provider in the fields of plastic forming and material modification.